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KPM’s Science and Language Editing department has taken the same journey as you. We understand how important the publishing of your research in the best journal is to you. We know that your reputation, success and recognition, as well as future support for other research projects, depends on your work being published. We appreciate how much of your time and money were spent on your research and you deserve to have it published in the most superior journal. We realise that as a working researcher you are extremely busy. KPM’s Science and Language Editing department, allows you to concentrate on your research while not having to worry about your English language skills. Let us help you maximise the impact of your paper in the reviewing process when submitting your work to the  top English language journals.

With research flooding in from developing countries, journal Editors receive more papers than they ever, so the competition is now greater to get your paper accepted. Fluent written English will significantly enhance the chances of your paper being accepted for publication.

As a guide language editing rates are usually €0.04 to €0.05 per word or €10 to €12 per average A4 page using double line spaces. However you can obtain an exact quotation at our (Quotation page). All our editors and consultants have postgraduate or doctoral qualifications and are native English speaking.

About Us

KPM Science and Language Editing was established by Gearoid Kennedy, a former senior manager with Elsevier. With twenty years experience in the publishing business he understands the needs of authors, editors and publishers within the Scientific, Medical and Technical (STM) community. Kennedy has much experience of online submission as well as author and editor support within large publishing organizations. The company ethos is caring for customers.

We will help you to reach your goals regardless of your location and native language.

We are a company of highly skilled, subject specific, STM research editors. We specialise in the editing of research work for authors wishing to publish their research in English language, peer reviewed journals and books.

UK and US English editing is available

Alarmed by the rejection rates recorded during the peer review process due to poor English, Kennedy founded the KPM Science and Language Editing to allow research be judged more on its own merits and not on the quality of written English.

It has been proven that Accepting Editors pay less attention to research articles written in less than perfect English. We help to remedy this by providing a cost effective and easy to use service.

KPM Science and Language Editing commit to:

1.   Dealing expertly with the academic and scientific aspects of your document.

2.   Delivering of the highest level of English language expertise,

3.   Responding  quickly and efficiently to all requests,

4.   Providing follow-up assistance with edited documents

5.   Guaranteeing the quality of our service.

Our editors

The KPM Science and Language Editing Department have developed and trained a network of superior, skilled and trusted editors all of whom have postgraduate qualifications.

Each editor is a highly trained, and will edit your research articles for style, grammar and spelling in UK or US English at your instruction.

Only the most capable and qualified candidates are accepted into our Editor program.

Our Editors undergo a comprehensive editor training program facilitated by one of KPM Science and Language Editing’s managing editors. We maintain the quality of our editing sevice through periodic retraining and monitoring of staff. To ensure that KPM Science and Language Editing can meet the needs of researchers in all scientific fields, we continually recruit Editors to represent new or growing disciplines. We guarantee your manuscript will be edited by an editor with a relevant scientific background.

The KPM Science and Language Department has the optimum combination of personnel for dealing effectively with the full range of scientific, academic and professional manuscripts, for all standards of English.

In addition, each Editor:

·   Has English as their native Language.

·   Possesses in-depth knowledge of the research and writing conventions of their specialist field.

·   Has signed a strict Confidentiality Agreement to keep your unpublished research completely confidential and secure. (More about safety and security)

The Value of Our Service

Research has shown that grammatical mistakes and improper use of English create a negative bias in the readers' mind. Research articles with poor quality English are generally rejected immediately, or are rejected at peer review stage.

Coates, Sturgeon, Bohannan, Pasini: Language and publication in 'Cardiovascular Research' articles. Cardiovascular Research 2002.

Even more important than the biases of the journal readers are the views of the Journal Editors. There have been numerous studies suggesting that poorly written papers and submissions from non-anglophone authors are at a distinct disadvantage in the screening and review process of academic journals (Coates et al. 2002, Radford et al. 1999, Eisenberg et al. 2002, Bordage 2001). A study by Coates et al. on 120 papers submitted to Cardiovascular Research found clear evidence that writing quality, specifically the number of English language mistakes in a submitted paper, had an influence on whether the paper was accepted for publication.

Editing Services

Our editors WILL:

·   Correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

·   Check for use of problems in tense and conjugations.

·   Eliminate improper language use and word choice.

·   Make your document read naturally and professionally.

·   Understand the science behind your document.

We will NOT:

·   Edit for research content - that is the job of the journal's peer reviewers.


The KPM Science and Language Editing Department offer quality, researcher oriented editing at fair and competitive prices. Our prices reflect the expertise of our Editors technical understanding of the material and the conventions of your  research field. We do not aim to have the lowest cost, however our editors will know your area of research and will have a strong understanding of your work. Combined with our native English speaking editors ability, we aim to give you the best value for money and ultimately the best customer experience possible.

We have created a highly flexible model for you

No scientific paper is the same, this is why we do not offer a generic pricing model.

In reality some papers require more work than others. Some authors may only wish to have the paper proof read for grammar and spelling while others may wish to have their paper edited in terms of improving clarity of expression and overall readability. Thus the level of service will depend on the individual authors requirements. This is why we issue tailored  quotations to meet the needs of each individual paper. You will know exactly how much you will pay before you submit your manuscript.

As a guide price, most papers are charged at €0.04 to €0.05 per word or €10 to €12 per average A4 page (Double line spacing)

There is a €10 administration fee for handling your paper and online payment via credit card.

To receive a quotation today, please click "here".

All prices are quoted in Euro and are inclusive of all Taxes. To receive a quick currency conversion on your quotation why not click here: (

Please note that all payment transactions will be carried out via our secure online server once quotations are accepted. Simple billing and payment instructions will be included in your confirmation email.

If you would like to submit a paper for quotation, please go to our quotation page


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Step 1. Please submit your paper for quotation.

Step 2. We will email you a quotation within two working days which will also include a time schedule for return of your edited manuscript.

Step 3. If you accept our quotation and terms and conditions, just reply to our quotation by email or contact us directly with any queries you may have (contact us).

Step 4. Your paper will be assigned to an experienced skilled editor particular to your academic field who will edit your paper within the agreed turnaround time. The editor will communicate with you personally on any queries which may arise during the editing process and KPM Science and Language Editing Department will supply you with detailed feedback in relation to your paper.

Step 5. Payment.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding KPM Science and Language Editing and our associated services, please contact us at the following address:

We will respond to your queries within one business day.

Alternatively, please feel free to telephone our offices between the hours of 8am and 8pm GMT seven days:

Tel: +353 65 6844134


Submission Confidentiality

The documents KPM Science and Language Editing Department edits consist of the unpublished hard work and revolutionary ideas from the best scientists around the world. Any time you submit your unpublished research to a peer-reviewed journal for publication, there is some risk that your journal reviewers will unethically take advantage of your trust. At KPM, we adhere to the professional code of ethics that allows the worldwide research community to submit their work for peer review without worrying about the security of their ideas. Only your Editor and a KPM Managing Editor will ever see your submission, and we will never share your submission or your personal information with anyone outside of KPM.

However, unlike a peer reviewed journal, we are willing to back up our statement of confidentiality and security through legal means. Each one of our Editors is required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before they see your submission. This document is a legally binding contract that goes a step beyond the trust based system of peer reviewed journal submission. The Confidentiality Agreement ensures that our Editors cannot, under any circumstances, share your personal details or manuscript. If an Editor reveals any part of your submission to a third party, legal action can be taken based on this contract. You may view the full Confidentiality Agreement here.


We will handle your personal details entrusted to us with the utmost care and confidentiality. We will not ask you for any additional information outside of the basic details required to edit your paper. No information provided by you will be passed on to third parties. All transactions are conducted via secure server and none of your credit card details are stored or seen by KPM Science and Language Editing Department.

Should you have any queries in relation to any aspect of our security policy please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone + 353 65 6844134

If you would like to submit a paper for quotation please click here

Further Suggestions

If there is anything we can do to help assure you that your submission will be handled with the utmost care and under the most rigorous security, please let us know! E-mail us with your suggestions or security concerns at We will work with you until you feel comfortable with your submission.

Quality Management Systems

At the KPM Science and Language Editing Department we dedicate resources to continually refining our online sevices. This means that you, the researcher, receive a paper that is edited twice and gets a final quality check within the turnaround time. The quality of our work is always appreciated by our clients.

We continually improve our standards through feedback from clients and from team members who constantly monitor each other's work.

We are also continually in contact with the STM publishing organizations in order to keep up to date with new directions so that we can always provide a service that is ahead of the market.


Writers' links for researchers and other professionals

These links have been selected by KPM Science and Language Editing on the basis of their relevance to writers of academic and other professional documents.



Technical and scientific writing resources

APA Style Guide
Loyola College in Maryland, USA

NASA's Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors
Technical Editing Branch of the NASA Langley Research Center, USA

Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook
Austin Community College, Texas, USA

The Columbia Guide to Online Style
Columbia University Press, USA

The International System of Units (SI)
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, France

Journal style guides

Journal style guides or 'instructions for authors' are accessible from the homepages of most journals.

Business journals

Chemistry Journals
Cambridge University Chemical Laboratory

Earth Sciences Journals
Daniele L. Pinti

Economic Journals on the Web
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Engineering and Exact Sciences
TelAviv University, Neiman Library of Exact Sciences and Engineering

Finance and Banking
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Health Sciences - Instructions to Authors
Mulford Library, Medical College of Ohio, USA

IEEE Publications
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Legal Journals on the Web
University of Southern California Law School and Law Library, USA

Library and Information Science
PICK, Thomas Parry Library, University of Wales Aberystwyth, UK

Life Sciences Journals
Science.Komm, Internet directory and resource site

Mathematics and Statistics Journals
American Mathematical Society

Marketing & Market Research
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Media and Communication Studies: Journals & Publications
Daniel Chandler, Department of Education, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

Physics Journals
Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences

Psychological and Social Science Journals
Armin Günther, Augsburg, in cooperation with Martien Brand, Amsterdam

Public Affairs Journals
Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS)

If you know the precise name of a journal, you can search for it by entering it into the OnLine English phrase checker.

Dictionaries, glossaries and thesauri


A Web of On-line Dictionaries

OneLook Dictionaries
Specialist Dictionary and Glossary Lists I
Specialist Dictionary and Glossary Lists II
Bob Ware

Merriam Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
Merriam-Webster Incorporated

Roget's Thesaurus

Wordsmyth English
Wordsmyth Dictionary - Thesaurus Project

Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations
Wiley InterScience

learners' resources - English grammar and writing

Common Errors in English
Paul Brians, Professor of English, Washington State University, USA

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Professor Charles Darling, Capital Community-Technical College, Hartford, Connecticut

Writing Centre, University of Ottawa, Canada

OWL (On-line Writing Lab) Handouts
The Purdue University Writing Lab.

The American Book of English Usage

The Editorial Eye Index
Editorial Eye

The Internet Grammar of English
University College, London, UK

World Wide Words
Michael Quinion

Check any English phrase

In seconds you can check the world's largest collection of written English (the World Wide Web) using the alltheweb search engine.

Find out how many times the phrase (or word) is used.

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Payment Security

In order to protect your creditcard information, we have partnered with WorldPay. WorldPay will handle your Creditcard payment through their Secure Payment System and we will be notified once the transation is successful. Our systems will not have access to your Creditcard information.


The KPM Science and Language Editing Department will give your manuscript the necessary care and attention such an important document deserves. We will endeavour to take due care and attention in the editing of your documents and will bring all editorial changes and suggestions to the authors attention, by sending a PDF of the tracked changes to the author However, it is the obligation of the author to check all changes made to his/her manuscript (the sole responsibility for the final published manuscript lies with the author).

The KPM Science and Language Editing Department will enhance the English used in your scientific manuscript. However, it cannot guarantee to secure publication of your manuscript, as the final decision regarding this remains the prerogative of the peer review body of the journal of your choice. The KPM Science and Language Editing Department will not judge or give an opinion on a manuscript.

Translation services are provided on a bespoke basis and are quoted for in advance